Les Petites

Les Petites is the sweetest collection that you could even imagine. Characterized by our smiling faces, hand painted on ceramic, they express emotions and feelings. The jewels of this collection are an invitation to face your life with more carelessness. These ladies will bring a smile even on your worst days, giving your look a touch of vivacity and joy. Bracelets necklaces and earrings are easy to match, light and versatile, to make you shine every day. The must have of Les Petites collection are certainly the dolls, characterized by the refined clothes finely hand crafted and embroidered by us. An original style arose from the combination of ceramic with the glamour taste of the beads or the elegant style of Orvieto lace.

The Orvieto lace also dresses our fairies, happy creature that bring with them joy and creativity. Around them there the charm of magic, sweet girls that live in our dreams they represent our sixth sense. They are in fact a femininity symbol altogether with freedom, innocence and youth. Our fairies are a tribute to spring and flowers and are available in many colors. So, let yourself be captured by these sweet ladies, be delighted by their contagious positivity and happiness. They are handmade jewelry made entirely by us, therefore all the expression you can see are different and unique.

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