Anna Barola´s bracelets are crafted jewels that stand out for the constant presence of an artistic ceramic element, common denominator of all our creations. In fact, the bracelet arose from the Umbrian majolica that is its inspiration, and that´s what makes these unique accessories, exclusive jewelery. They have very different styles, to meet the fanciest look needs, enriching your outfit with a classy and glamorous touch to make you feel fabulous in every occasion. Anna Barola proposes rigid bracelets, bracelets with pendants, with crystals, with beads, in a colorful selection in which ceramic is always protagonists. Anna Barola´s jewels are never trivial, they are born from a careful study of materials, combined with an accurate overlook on the trends of the moment. You will find the bracelet perfect for you, between the minimal, simple and straight-fit models that are perfect to be worn alone or in combination, and the most elaborate shimmering, colorful, eye-catching and elegantly revolutionary bracelets.

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