Dedicated to women who love hazarding, these crafted earrings have brilliant colors and unique decorations, style testimonies to show the world who we are.
Hand painted with classic or abstract decorations aroused by an inspiration, emotions and thoughts of a moment.  These earrings with their crunchy colors enhance your face, giving a special light to your outfits.

Long, drop-shaped, flat or lobed, they are perfect for every occasion. Each type is designed to make you shine every day and exploit your beauty. Among our pendants will find many different styles, such us, classic, elegant, or carefree. There are the drop-shaped, designed combining colored agates with our ceramics, they are showy earrings, nice to wear even on special and elegant occasions. There are the lobe earrings, where the decorations, lively and fun, make them suitable for every day. Cute and cheerful they will give you a fresher and happy touch. 

Finally, there are the flat earrings, they are decorated back and front, to be amazing especially with a pony tail. They are super light earrings and you won’t even think you have them on. They are mounted on a rose gold galvanized base that illuminates the ceramic making them precious. They are handmade jewelry, realized with meticulous attention, real artwork that will make you feel like a diva. Light, practical and extremely exclusive, wear them to be special and unique.

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